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Apres Ski Jewelry: A Second Life for Used Skis

When you truly love your gear, there’s no easy way to say goodbye.


When you truly love your gear, there’s no easy way to say goodbye.

I loved my Salomon Rockettes until the topsheets were splintered, the bases were gouged, and the edges were duller than a spoon.  Now, those Rockettes are retired in the back of my closet because I can’t stand to think they could end up in a landfill.

With our vast selection of used demo skis for sale, we have primo planks that are near-perfect, and we have boards that have seen a lifetime of love. Rather than putting those well-loved skis into retirement, we like to give them a career change. Typically, they’ll be reinvented as retro Adirondack chairs or quirky wall art.  Though, they may even be reborn as shot-skis if they get into the wrong hands…

But one Colorado native had a different idea.

apres ski jewelry
Après Ski Jewelry reinvents our used demo skis after they enter retirement. | PHOTO: Elisa Demarest


Heather Mullins, an Upcycling Entrepreneur.

Heather Mullins gives Powder7’s used demo skis a second life.  She has a custom furniture business called Relevant ReUse where she builds with reused and recycled materials.  Using small scrap materials leftover from Relevant Reuse, Heather began crafting jewelry.  She toyed with interesting raw materials like bike tubes, fire hose, and–of course–skis.  With so many diverse colors and patterns to work with, Après Ski Jewelry took off.


apres ski jewelry
Heather upcycles skis as part of her custom furniture business Relevant Reuse. | PHOTO: Heather Mullins


With three damaged boards that we deemed un-skiable–the K2 Pon2oon, the Black Crows Camox, and the Atomic Vantage 90Heather crafted beautiful jewelry that you’ll see us wearing out around the shop and out on the Summit County après scene.

No two pieces are perfectly alike (think snowflakes).  Heather strategically cuts the skis to create one-of-a-kind designs, though the general style remains the same.  Skis cut from the K2 Pon2oon feature classic black and white topsheet patterns, while vibrant orange bases add a pop of color.  Red-orange geometric patterns and powder blue accents define the Black Crows Camox collection.  And the Atomic Vantage offers the most neutral tones, centering around navy blue topsheets.

Après Ski Jewelry
Après Ski Jewelry’s Powderhound Earrings reveal the ski’s construction and inner wood core. | PHOTO: Elisa Demarest

For Heather’s brightest & boldest designs, check out the Après Ski Jewelry Slalom Studs or Apex Ski Earrings. Match them with the Cornice Ski Necklace, which is fully reversible so you can liven up or tone down your look.

If your style is sleeker and slimmer, you’ll love the Freerider or Straightline Ski Necklaces. Both designs feature the exposed sidecut of the ski sandwiched by colorful topsheets and base material.  The exposed core offsets bright topsheets with natural wood tones. Pair with our shop’s favorite design, the Powderhound Ski Earrings.

Jewelry isn’t your thing? Après Ski’s Camber Coasters work for everyone.

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