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Apres Ski Jewelry: A Second Life for Used Skis

When you truly love your gear, there’s no easy way to say goodbye.

I loved my Salomon Rockettes until the topsheets were splintered, the bases were gouged, and the edges were duller than a spoon.  Now, those Rockettes are retired in the back of my closet because I can’t stand to think they could end up in a landfill.

With our vast selection of used demo skis for sale, we have primo planks that are near-perfect, and we have boards that have seen a lifetime of love. Rather than putting those well-loved skis into retirement, we like to give them a career change. Typically, they’ll be reinvented as retro Adirondack chairs or quirky wall art.  Though, they may even be reborn as shot-skis if they get into the wrong hands…

But one Colorado native had a different idea.

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